Entry: .... Sep 15, 2003

I'm feeling kinda gloomy today. I hurt my hand last week bowling and It still hasnt healed. So when scott and i said we would take aprils  lil brother bowling i should have said no. cause i new id wanna bowl but i couldnt do i fucked my hadn up even more. Playin tennis isnt that bad it doesnt hurt my hand as much. I wish i new if it was sprained or not. cause if it is then i need to put something on it to keep it kinda up. well anyway, i dont no how much longer i can stand this whole scott says the word cute around me to another grl. its ok for him to say it but when i say it its like " oh u wanna get with him dont u" and he no its nothing like that. i feel like im nothing to him. im just a lil toy and soon he is gonna throw me away. And the whole situatiobn with that lil grl well hes in for it ..a yr and a half in j-a-i-l.. should do the trick.. not really its not like its gonna stop some one from doing it again. i mean if i didnt give scott any he would go to another grl like her.  he even said that if we broke up he would go back to her.. and i cryed after he said that..


September 25, 2003   09:32 PM PDT
Dustin where do you come off sayin something to me. U need to leave little girls alone yourself.. you stupid ass mother fukin wigger.. how about you start actin your skin color..and in case you for got what color that is.. your "white" so start actin like a stupid ass white boy should
September 24, 2003   01:46 PM PDT
Stop telling people I'm going to jail... or that I'll do it again... or that I'm leaving you and going back to her... or that I'd do that again with somebody else... it's not even about you... I wouldn't do that 'cause I don't need to be in more trouble... but I'm not leaving you, fucker... so stop being stupid... I love you...
for me too know
September 22, 2003   05:43 PM PDT

From Dustin

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