Aug 28, 2003

Well last night Scott and I got into another fight. I don't know why I can't just have a relationship where I don't always wind up fighting with the guy. It's starting to become very aggrivating. ANyway we worked it out last night and he came and brought me a orange gatorade.

*I just go tback from gettin my hair highlighted again. It doesn't really look highlighted right now cause I asked Diane if she would leave it wet and curly.. I called Scott thinking he would be up waiting to see me but instead his mom picks up and tells me he is sleeping. I think thats very rude. We could have slept together on the couch or something [[ meany]]


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LiL InFo`

Here is just a little bit of information

»hollaz to`lea.kewtie.wifey.siss
»found in`six..o0o0h..nyne
»with`scott '6.11.03 iLyA
»imma`junior at ehs *05'
»opened eyez`july 25

*what do you want from me.. its late
and i was extremly bored as fuxk

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Aug 27, 2003

Today was an "ok" day. Nothing really good happen. I tryed to get Aj to go with Scott and I to the mall but she couldn't go and I kept pulling some temper tantrums.[I'm such a baby sometimes] Anyway.. Since Aj couldn't go Scott and I went to Best Buy and I bought him the new Mary J. Blige cd and I got a new 208 c.d case holder, including four c.ds.. *(lil bow wow..mya..beatles..all american rejects)*  Well tomorrow I am going to get my hair 9 am and then Friday at 9 am  I am going to the doctors to get my last shot[[ no I'm not a wild animal or do I have some kind of diease]].. Friday night hopefully I'll be able to go to Ti's house and sleep over there with Aj and then Saturyda Scott,Aj,Ti,Ktn, and I are going to go bowling and I'm going to kick all there asses [ I'm a lot of talk , I know but I should be able to win I was on a team ..well way back in the day!!] Well I'm going to go back to listening to Lil Bow Wow [*what a kewtie pye*]


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Well It's sure been a long time, since I'v written in one of these things. I'm still in my relationship with Scott. We've been having our problems. But all couples do, It's just a normal thing. I just wish I could handle my anger better, instead of just wanting to jump on him and choke him to death!! But for the good part, we are doing fine. He is most definitely the best ever. And probaly always will be. Atleast he knows how to treat someone. Well most of the time he does. ` I can't believe school starts in a week. What happen to this summer. Nothing exciting happen, well kind of. I mean Scott and I did go to the Little League World Series in Williumsport PA.[I have a feeling i spelled that wrong] But anyways.. I seem to still be having friend problems. When will we all just grow the h-ll up?? I mean i'm 17 and I still act like I need to be in a day'care program! [[ tells a lot about me doesn't it!!]] Well It's pretty late and I do need to get up early to see my sweetheart.



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